Tuesday, December 31, 2013

eating the elephant. . . .

It's New Year's Eve...  took down the Christmas decorations this evening and now I am pondering the year.

Last I wrote I had quit working at the bank and didn't really know what was going to happen next. I chose to concentrate on my studies - thinking I'd look for work once I had graduated next year.

That changed in July when I took a call from a good friend. He was asking whether I'd consider filling in as church administrator for a few months. It would give him a little extra time to find someone to fill the role. As I thought about it, I decided that yes, I could, as a friend, do a friend a favour. I gave it my best shot and found that I enjoyed what I was doing. He had warned me not to get my hopes up - he was not looking to hire me permanently. Six weeks later I had to face the fact that I was thoroughly enjoying this new role and earnestly hoped he would reconsider his position when it was time to begin the search.

November he asked me if I wanted to stay.  Crazy how that happened.

It has meant, however, a change in the way we relate to each other. We are still very good friends, but we function now almost solely in a very professional working relationship. While, that is good (and necessary), there are parts of our friendship that I miss.

At the same time, I am shown much grace as my schooling is requiring more of me than I had expected. Two courses left and I am thankful that he has not increased my hours as initially discussed. Furthermore, he has offered suggestions for how I might cope with both the workload and the attention I need to give to my courses. Additionally, he has offered that I can take time away from the office in spring to concentrate solely on the last assignments so that I am able to finish well. It means much to me that I am able to dialogue with him about some of the things I am thinking. I am learning to understand this clay pot that is me with both its abilities and limitations.

As I look back, it has been a crazy time - busy and exciting and fun and stressful and exhilarating and exhausting. Two grandbabies to ♥ love ♥ and spoil and ♥ love ♥ and watch grow and ... did I say, ♥ love ♥?? bitter-sweet to be sure but they are sure fun to have around!! Five courses completed this year! Two months off from studying over the summer with this past month also as a short reprieve before everything starts up again in earnest.

As I look forward I am apprehensive - but I hope that I can learn to live in the present moment and not wish these next 3 months away - I hope I can learn to take each day / moment at a time, to learn to eat the elephant just one bite at a time.