Tuesday, May 20, 2008

you know the saying....

when life hands you lemons.... make lemonade! Well, I'm looking for the recipe!!

Florian met with a cardiovascular surgeon last week for a "surgical assessment". He is scheduled for an echocardiogram next month and a follow-up CT scan in October.

The first words out of the surgeon's mouth were, "it's not a matter of IF, but of WHEN". In the meantime, not only do we wait but Florian must be careful not to exert himself:
  • no shoveling snow (well, I'm hoping that's not an indication that we're in for a dump this summer LOL);
  • no contact sports (there goes his career!!! LOL!!!)
  • no lifting of more than 25-50 pounds (well, there's quite a difference between 25 pounds and 50 pounds... so which does he mean?!?! LOL!!!!)
In all seriousness, I think the restrictions placed on Florian make this seem so much more "real" and scary.

As an example, this weekend we did some yard work. Each time we turned to do something we found ourselves asking, "Is this too much exertion? should I do this rather than Florian? How much is too much?" And I don't want to live like that... always questioning... always wondering...

And Florian needs to understand that just because he can't do "A", he can do "B" and that it's just as important to get B done as A. Does that make sense? Maybe I'll do more of the physical work outside, but he can then take over inside. Oh, we do have to figure some of this out. Most of all, I don't want him to feel useless.

I think I've found the recipe!!! We're juicing these lemons... and humor is what's going to make lemonade palatable!! LOL!!!!

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh Edith!!! You do walk such a delicate line as the loving wife and helpmeet to your hubby!! I am taking lessons from you in patience, kindness and grace!! Your love and concern for his pride is beautiful to see!! What a gift and blessing you are to your family!!

Let's see.......summer is here so no more shovelling for now! Your kids are all older, so no worries about feeling like Dad isn't holding/carrying them. And I just love your ability to find the healing in laughter!! Humor is such a stress relief!! You all will be in my prayers!! And when the time is right........prayers for a steady and skilled surgeon's hands!!