Saturday, March 20, 2010

today is the first day of spring

and I noticed that my tulips in the courtyard are up! As the rest of the yard is still sporting remnants of snow, I didn't even think to check this warm corner. At this rate, I'll need to be watering them soon!!

and yet. As wonderful as it is to see these signs of spring, it means for us that we continue to march closer each day to yet another family 'speed bump'.

This next week Florian is scheduled for an angiogram. While we're not concerned about the test at all, it represents for us that we're one step closer to the day that he will undergo heart surgery. We haven't been notified of a scheduled date, but they have suggested that it will be soon... as early as spring.

Well, guess what? Today is the first day of spring which means that it could be any time within the next short while.

Where does that leave us today? really, in no different a space than yesterday or the day before yesterday... or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.... We continue to place ourselves in God's Hands. He continues to shape... to mold... to speak words of assurance... and in turn, we continue to cling to Him knowing that He has us in His precious grip!


peggysue said...

Please let us know the results of the angiogram Edith. And yay for the first day of Spring, I like seeing the daffodils and tulips come up out of the ground. I pray for your family that Spring brings with it some new hope. fresh air and a renewal of your strength as you lean on the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Wow Edith, I have just been reading your past posts and catching up and realized "YOU NEED A BIG HUG!!!" I am so sorry to hear of all the hardships that have hit your family in the past while. We don't always understand why God allows some things to happen; and sometimes it seems like He is allowing way too much to happen. I have felt this way myself lately but I know.....God knows exactally what He is doing and He will have victory over every situation. He loves you Edith and He will truly understand if you tell Him you have had more than you can handle. I remember the very night my girlfriend prayed over me and she said "God, Cheryl has expressed to you that she has had more than she can handle and you have promised her you would never give her more than she can handle" That was the very beginning of God lifting that burden off my shoulders and placing it on HIs!
Hugs and prayers my friend!!