Monday, October 6, 2014

graduation and more . . .

hmmm...  decided to see what I had last written and... well, oops...  those 3 months flew by and I managed to finish my studies, graduating in May.  I thought I'd be more excited. While it's great not to be stressing about assignments and papers, I've also realized that with the increase in work hours, it's hard to juggle all of life.

Lately, though, I've been wondering where to from here? Will I use that which I studied? If so, how? where? what will that look like?

This past Sunday one of our women pastor's was ordained in our church. While it was a day full of commendation and blessing for her, it got me thinking. Pondering. Wondering. What if? She knew upon leaving seminary that she was called to ministry. Through various closed doors, detours and other paths, she moved into a pastoral role within our church. Sunday was meaningful for her as it affirmed that call to ministry on her life.

I think I too have felt a call. But now I wonder...  am I just making this stuff up? Is it for real? I have a quote in Bible: "a call to ministry starts with a desire - leave it and if it is true, it will only grow stronger." Is that how it works? It seems to me that if it's just something I'm making up I should pray for God to take away that desire.

I have a proposal that's sitting on the desk in the corner office. I don't know if it will take me anywhere but .... what if?

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