Monday, December 3, 2007

A stark realization. . .

hit me yesterday.... as much as I had, this past summer, resolved in my heart to choose joy, my focus the last little while has been on the "storm", feeling threatened by the speed bumps and the bend in the road. Rather than lifting my eyes to the Master of the storm, I have allowed the storm to be the center of my focus. If I look into the depths of the sea, there I find calm water. There is where my anchor rests.... there my soul will find peace & joy.

As I/we enter this season of Advent, my prayer is that I/we will look beyond the tinsel & glitter, to move beyond the frenzy, and dig deeper to realize the peace & joy that is mine/ours because of Christ.


Diane Noble said...

Your comment on my blog led me to your blog. I've read it all. Isn't it amazing that the trials and tragedies of life serve to bring us closer to God and to the overwhelming realizing of just who He really is. Scarely grasping the concept, we just fall to our knees in total surrender and it is there, and only there we find peace. My prayers are with you. You are sharing your journey in an eloquent way. God will use your circumstances, your passion, and your dedication to Him to bring His glory into your life. I will be praying that this is the deepest Christmas you have ever had.

Living by His Design

Lee said... is amazing when we finally quiet the hustle and bustle what relief and peace we can find. Prayers for you and yours that you can enjoy some calm and peaceful and joyful moments!