Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm thankful for...

routines that help keep each day focused, and I'm thankful that, as part of that routine for me each day, I try to spend time in quiet meditation & prayer.

While I still don't know what the future holds for me/us, I was reminded today that:
  • my help comes from the Lord
  • the Lord watches over you
  • He will watch over your life
  • the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forever (Ps. 121)

For what more can I ask?

Thanks again for the encouraging comments that you have left for me. What a great read! They have been timely reminders for me of "the Lord's great love... for His mercies never fail. They are new every morning; great is His faithfulness"! (Lamentations 3:22-23).


Lee said...

I'm so glad you are able to glean some comfort from some routines and the very "sameness" of parts of your days!! And never worry.......your cyber friends/sisters are just a few clicks away!!! Hugs!!!

Beth said...

I am thankful for you, my friend. Your quiet strength is rather like a gospel in miniature. Being able to admit to our doubts and fears takes STRENGTH. For only in admitting our weaknesses are we truly ready to face those fears.

{{{HUGS}}} and prayers....

Suzanne said...

Edith, Thank you for the courage to share in your struggles on this journey of faith and trust. I learn so much from you. Today you reminded me that I need to be making more time for prayer and meditation. I need to develop that routine in my life now not only when things are in turmoil. Then it is too late!

Hugs my friend.

If you ever want more Guideposts just let me know I get them every month and hate to throw them away, but then they become clutter.....but I don't want to send them if you don't desire them. Then they just become your clutter.

Suzanne said...

Edith, I thought of you today when I read my morning thought in my devotions today. Here is the quote.

"WE NEED OTHERS to explore with us the edges of our fear and faith. We grow spiritually only in and through our relationship with God and with others."
- Rueben P. Job and Marjorie J. Thompson
Companions in Christ: Embracing the Journey