Sunday, December 19, 2010

a rude awakening...

occurred last week. I walked past our Christmas Countdown Snowman and saw to my utter astonishment that Christmas was only 9 days away. What? How could this be possible? In my head I had at least 2 weeks...

The reality is that I have been so busy with all the "stuff" I had completely lost track of how much time had actually passed.

We have been in a season of Advent - a season of preparation - yet it had nearly passed me by. The realization hit me hard. At that moment, I made a decision. I would spend one more day (I had an appointment at a financial institution) dealing with the "stuff" and that would be it for the rest of this season.

I need to take time for heart preparation...

  • to listen

  • to sit in quietness

  • to listen

  • to hear God speak

  • to listen

  • to ponder

  • to listen

  • to understand a little more fully the GIFT that came

  • to listen

  • to pay attention to the little details of the Christmas story

  • to listen

  • to prepare my heart that He might find room there this Christmas

His voice is quiet and it is only in the stillness that He will be heard.... May He find you listening also...

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purplestamper316 said...

I love this post :) and all things about Advent :) May you have a blessed 2011 ><>