Saturday, April 27, 2013

so much that I don't know. . .

It's been just over three months since my last day at the bank. Have I looked back at that decision with regret? Not one bit. I felt so sure that it was no longer where I should be spending my time that it's been totally OK to not be working there anymore.
Was it the right choice? I think so. Out of that short stint of working, I received a number of gifts, all God-provided:
One. A lawyer.
Two. Another investment advisor.
Three. A credit card. in my name. with a decent limit.
Four. A better understanding of what I do well and what I don't do so very well.

I've interviewed at a number of different places and each time I've come up short. Second in line. I found that  frustrating and discouraging. Yet. I've also come to a place of being OK with that as I'm realizing that if I want to complete my studies by next year, I just cannot also work full-time.

I have 5 courses left. In order to complete them by Spring 2014, I need to take 2 this fall and 2 in January. They are demanding courses and I know that I don't have the time nor the energy for them and work. At least, not if I want to do my very best in my studies.

I'm also trying to figure out just what I want to do. I've been leading a mom's group (moms of young children) and I love meeting with them. I love listening to them and finding ways to encourage them - it's almost like there is potential for me to mentor / coach them. I like that. I'm also a spiritual director - I completed my training Dec 2012 and the two directees that I had to find for my practicum have both decided that they want to continue. I love that. I love the time that I spend with them.

Bottom line? I love the mom's group. I love being a spiritual director. (Is it wrong to say that? I hope not... ).  I love my studies (for the most part). I just don't know how all this is going to fit together...  but I also know that I don't have to have this all figured out yet. I'm trusting (hoping?) that God will let me know what & where & how & when...

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Cindi said...

I worked in a bank for 15 years and quit to raise my grandson. It's been 10 years and It was the best decision I made! Good luck!