Saturday, March 29, 2008

I have a choice....

to make.

We received notice this past week that Florian is scheduled for a "surgical assessment" with a cardiovascular surgeon. We knew in January that this was a possibility because his last CT scan showed an aortic aneurysm of about 5.5cm in size. What does this mean? maybe surgery.... but then again, maybe not.

Initially, fear took reign and began to overwhelm me. But isn't God good? God brought people into my life & blog posts & I came to a realization that I am once again faced with a choice. Life really is all about choices, isn't it? I could continue to give in to fear OR I could choose to trust. It is my choice.

I have given my inner self a stern lecture... have prayed lots... and the bottom line is this:
  • God knows all about this too.

  • He is still in control of our journey & destiny.

  • He asks us to trust.

Actually, I have made my choice. I will choose to obey.


Lee said...

You are so's so simple.......and yet possibly the most difficult for us as humans! It is about choices......I tell that to my children all the time. But how often do I say to myself, "I have no choice!". It's not true.......I do have a choice. Not easily made I grant you that!! I know you feel so weak sometimes and that you struggle.......but please know that your strength, faith, obedience and choices come shining through your comments and from the sharing that you do from your heart!! What you do not see is that, just perhaps, you are helping to guide others who struggle so deeply with these very issues! Continued hugs and prayers my friend!!

Suzanne said...

All I can add is AMEN!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. said...

If you need more information on your Aortic situation, please visit me at

We are here to help!

Brian Tinsley

LadyDoc said...

Edith- you and Florian will be in my thoughts and prayers and will be included in the special intentions prayers in all my classes. Sometimes the hardest thing is just to accept- but I know that you will do this with faith.

The Dentons said...

Edith ~ Thank you so much for sharing with us. This is something that I struggle with too. Know that I am keeping you, Florian, and your family lifted up in my prayers. I'm sending lots of big hugs to you friend!